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How to Ensure That Your Wall Decals Pop – Tips By a Home Décor Master

Wall art decals represent one of the most interesting ways of transforming your interiors. Decals, similar to wallpaper, make the most of art printed on laminated paper or vinyl cutouts and stuck on painted walls. Decals allow you to do up your interior spaces neatly and in double-quick time without any of the mess and complications of painting your wall with complex patterns. Some handy tips on making the most of wall art decals:

Decide On the Placement

The first and most important thing to do when undertaking a wall art decal project is to decide where you will position the decal. The good thing about self-adhesive decals is that you can place them anywhere on the walls or even the ceiling depending on the effect you are trying to create. If you are not sure, you should look up some websites online and find inspiration from the thousands of designs you will discover. Once you decide on the looks you want, it is time to proceed to the next step. However, you will likely need to spend time deciding what you want because the choice available is virtually limitless. You will also need to decide if you want to fill the whole wall space or create a more subtle effect by spreading the decals around with lots of empty space in between.
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You can also achieve a dramatic look by fixing 
vinyl decals on only one part of the wall and leaving the rest blank. The key to decorating vertical spaces is selecting decals that are taller than they are wide.

Get Some Samples and Quotes

Once you have decided on a particular effect, you need to consult a supplier and ask for samples and quotes. The reason for asking for samples is to verify how good the colors look on your walls since they can be different from what they look on the computer screen.
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Since you intend to make the space look fresh and beautiful, placing the samples against the wall surfaces will let you know how they look in real life and whether they measure up to your expectations. Also, this is the right time to ask the suppliers for a quote because you don’t want to waste time and effort over something you cannot afford. However, since you have a vast assortment across all price points, you will be sure to find a decal you like and afford.


Though it can be difficult not to be overwhelmed by the decal designs, it is important not to get swayed by specific patterns. Choosing the colors is as important as the decal design because they have a direct impact on your mood and emotion, according to HuffPost. You should take time to think of the overall effect the design will have on the ambiance of the room.
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To make a good choice, think of the mood you want to create because what will work well for the living room or kitchen may not be something that will look good in your bedroom.  

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