How To Handle Anxiety Going Into the Holidays

There are different reasons why people feel anxious and stressed during the holidays. It’s supposed to be a time for celebrating with friends and family with whom you may only get to spend time once or twice a year. It’s a season of fun, pretty lights, gratitude, kindness, gifts and delicious treats. It can be a break from the “real world.” However, some of these supposedly positive features are precisely the cause of adverse emotions for some people. Fortunately, there are helpful methods for managing these feelings, such as taking over the counter anxiety medication to avoid the potential side effects of prescription medications.

Acknowledging How You Feel

The first step to managing negative feelings, not only during the holidays but all times of the year, is to acknowledge these feelings head-on. What makes you feel anxious during the holiday season? First, think about the things that make you anxious and make a list of these situations. Then, go over each item and consider ways to decrease these feelings. Likely, you’ll even find ways to transform them into something more positive.

Many people already deal with emotional struggles throughout the year. When this is the case, all the craziness of the holidays only exacerbates these feelings.
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You may have received an official diagnosis and be getting treatment for it. You may not even know the root cause of your emotions.
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It can be helpful to research subjects such as major depression, seasonal affective disorder or ADHD symptoms in women to determine if you have many of these symptoms and advice on how to treat them until you can consult a medical professional.

Looking at a Holistic Approach

If you already feel unhealthy and overweight during the holidays, you may be feeling even more stressed about all the foods and drinks associated with this time of year. There is good news; various holistic approaches can help. Physical activity is essential for leading a healthy daily life.
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If you can make time to take a brisk walk every day, you will probably feel better overall.

It’s also essential to set realistic goals. Allow yourself to take breaks. If you are hosting a holiday event, you may feel like you could go non-stop for a month and still not accomplish everything. Burning yourself out could be detrimental to your health long term. During your breaks, do something you relaxing, such as reading a good book or practicing mindful meditation.

One of the most meaningful things you can do is get comfortable asking for help from friends and family. Often, one person can’t do it all. Besides, this could be the perfect opportunity to spend more quality time with your loved ones, especially those you rarely see.

Be proactive this year; begin preparing yourself for the holidays. Check out some Brilla anxiety reviews for more excellent ways to ensure this year’s holidays are the best ever. It probably isn’t realistic to completely eliminate your anxiety, but there’s a good chance you can relive it quite a bit with these tips.

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