Pros and Cons of Uncontested Divorce

Many couples are choosing to get divorced without any contest against their spouse. This is called an uncontested divorce, and it can be a good idea if both parties are in agreement about what needs to happen for their property, financials, and children. However, if the divorce is contested, then you need to hire a lawyer. One of the downsides of getting an uncontested divorce is that you will have less say over how your property is divided.

An uncontested divorce is a process that takes place without the need for a dispute. It is more commonly used by couples who are amicable and are able to agree on all of their property, bills, and custody arrangements. It can be a quick process, with most divorces completed within six months. By choosing an uncontested divorce, you can also save a lot of money you would have to pay for a Huntsville divorce lawyer if you are going for a contested divorce. However, for those who do not have an amicable relationship with their spouse, an uncontested divorce can become more complicated as they must try to navigate court proceedings alone.

Let us now see more into the pros and cons of choosing an uncontested divorce instead of a contested one.

Pros of Uncontested Divorce

  • Saves time and money

Uncontested divorce saves time and money by avoiding the complications of litigation. The process of uncontested divorce is typically much quicker than a litigated divorce. Uncontested divorces also avoid the expenses associated with hiring attorneys to oversee the process, so they are far more affordable than litigated divorces.
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Likewise, there are many more reasons why an uncontested divorce may be right for you and your spouse. 

  • Less emotional toll

Uncontested divorces allow for a quicker and less expensive divorce than contested ones. They also allow both parties to avoid the emotional toll of going through a trial. An uncontested divorce only requires filing some paperwork with the county clerk and service of legal documents on your spouse.

Cons of Uncontested Divorce

  • You can’t choose uncontested divorce with a history of domestic violence

You can’t choose an uncontested divorce with a history of domestic violence. Domestic violence is defined as any act committed against an intimate partner or family member that results in physical or psychological harm.

  • Complex issues cannot be resolved in an uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce can be considered to be successful in many cases. However, sometimes there are situations where it’s not easy to reach an agreement. For example, when one spouse makes significantly more money than the other or when there are children involved, it can be difficult to determine who should get what. A judge cannot resolve these complex issues in an uncontested divorce.

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