Signs You Are Subjected To A Hostile Work Environment 

People usually mistake being disliked by their boss and coworkers as a hostile work environment, but in reality, it is much more severe and complex than that. In many cases, people do not even realize they are working in a hostile environment and thus, do not take steps to fix the situation.
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If you dread going to work every day or feel depressed every time you wake up in the morning for work, you might be subjected to a hostile work environment. Hire an employment attorney virginia to understand what a hostile workplace is and whether you have a case. 

Signs you are subjected to a hostile work environment

  • Sexual harassment. 

One common reason many people, mostly female employees, fall victim to a hostile work environment is sexual harassment. If you are experiencing verbal or physical sexual advances, such as unwelcomed inappropriate touching, offensive comments, vulgar compliments, persistent requests to go on a date, name-calling, etc., you may be a victim of a hostile workplace. 

  • Verbal or non-verbal anger. 

Letting your anger out instead of suppressing it is a healthy practice, but it is equally important to know how to handle your emotions in a professional setting. While bosses are allowed to get angry or frustrated at a worker for doing the job wrong, displaying severe and disturbing aggression can result in a hostile environment and affect everybody’s ability to work. 

  • Offensive jokes. 

Offensive jokes, remarks, or comments related to a person’s race, skin color, nationality, gender, religion, disability, or other personal characteristics that they are born with are clear signs of discrimination. If your employer or co-workers repeatedly use offensive language with you and use racial slurs, you are in a hostile workplace. 

  • Public shaming. 

Sometimes your boss or employer may shout at you because of a mistake to hold you accountable for your actions. However, public humiliation and shaming should never be used to assert professional discipline. If your employer is constantly shaming you in front of your coworkers, even for minor mistakes, it is a red flag. 

  • Your coworkers are unhappy. 

A hostile environment created by a bad employer does not only affect you but your coworkers as well. If your coworkers seem just as unhappy, depressed, and unproductive as you, chances are you are working in a hostile environment. Talking to your coworkers about what bothers them can help you know the similarities between their problems and yours. 

If you are experiencing these signs at your workplace, there are high chances you are in a hostile work environment. However, it is essential to remember that you have rights and protections under the law. If hostility persists even after filing a complaint with the human resource department, you must contact an employment attorney. 

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