Strategies To Improve Your Amazon Conversion Rate

The times of stores and retailers measuring sales and profit by counting the number of physical consumers in their store and dividing it by the number of purchases that went through the checkout are long gone, as changes in buying habits and the massive transition to internet shopping have necessitated merchants adapting as well.

You are selling a wonderful product on Amazon, something that you are quite enthusiastic about and that your client base appears to like. The issue is that you are not seeing the sales figures you would like to see. You are putting money into advertising to get your item in front of the relevant people, but it does not appear to be working. What is going on?

It is discouraging to have amazing items on Amazon but sales figures that contradict them. When your stats are not where you would like them to be, you may begin to doubt the product, questioning if it is really that fantastic after all. Although it is simple to slip into this trap, it is critical that you first review your Amazon conversion rate to figure out what is wrong. (It is possible that it has nothing to do with the product.)

The Amazon conversion rate may also assist you in making changes to your product descriptions that will increase purchases and make your item stand out from its competitors. With Amazon as the leading e-commerce company, establishing your specialty can become profitable and beneficial to your business’s growth.

But before that, what is the Amazon conversion rate and what does it tell you about your business?

What is Amazon’s Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is derived by dividing the amount of sales by the total number of times a product has been browsed. On Amazon, your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete the action you would like them to take—in this example, making a purchasing decision.

A poor Amazon conversion rate might indicate a problem with your item, description, pricing, customer feedback, or a number of other issues. You must first calculate your conversion rate in order to identify what is causing it to be one way or the other.

Obtaining  Amazon conversion rate entails some simple calculations based on data from the dashboard.

Open Amazon’s Seller Central and navigate to Reports, and select Business Reports.

Scroll to the bottom to “By ASIN” section in Business Reports and then  click on the “Detail Page” and “Sales and Traffic.”This section will exhibit comprehensive sales statistics.

Then check for the “Unit Session Percentage” option.

Check out the formula below for a better understanding.

Conversion Rate = (Total Orders) ÷ (Total Product Listing Sessions)

Things You Can Do To Improve Conversion Rates

Improve Your Product’s Title

The title of a product is its headline, and it should be tailored to guarantee relevance. In other words, the title should include keywords that buyers would look for when browsing Amazon’s result pages. Keep in mind not to cram your title with keywords and also to keep secondary keywords for the description.

To prevent being cut off, keep the title of a product to no more than 200 characters, including spaces. Consider utilizing the brand name, item description, and other attributes such as taste, pack size, or appearance when crafting a product’s title. It is also worth noting that mobile buyers see just 90 characters of the title.


When it comes to performance, your product is obviously crucial, but so is the pricing. To be both intriguing and lucrative, you must discover the perfect balance for price. Keep in mind to value your goods competitively to similar things on the market, but also selecting a pricing that is lucrative and reflects the quality of the product. So because price is not permanent, keep reviewing pricing and tracking your Amazon conversion rate.

Invest in Advertising

Another excellent strategy to possibly enhance conversion rates is to purchase a top-of-the-page advertisement. Amazon pay per click, or PPC, is similar to Google in that vendors may pay to ensure the leading position with relevant advertisements. Sellers may buy search area and feature in relevant results with listings labeled as ‘sponsored’ by targeting well-known search phrases.

Improve Shipping

The cost of shipping has a significant influence on whether or not customers finish a transaction. As per UPS, the second most significant reason a customer will purchase from a platform rather than a store is free or low cost delivery. Providing Prime shipping is a significant competitive benefit on Amazon.

Seek Good Reviews

Bad or insufficient reviews are another issue that contributes to poor conversion rates. Feedback is useful from both a user and a product development standpoint. For customers, they provide honest feedback on the value of your goods.
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Meanwhile, Amazon ranks and recommends the top items and vendors to consumers based on user feedback.

Invest in feedback moderation if you wish to improve your business’s conversion rate. Buyers will be concerned that they will have a terrible experience with the goods if they see a product and only see 3 stars or unfavorable comments that have gone unanswered by a vendor.

Use High-Quality Products

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, however, the perfect product photos may undoubtedly persuade customers to choose you over a competition. 67 percent of buyers say high-quality photographs are the most influential factor in their shopping decisions.

In addition to your primary picture, you may have up to eight other product photographs.

Use this area to highlight the different features of your item. That’s also particularly the case for fashion products and other products that will be shown after purchase.

Although your primary picture should only showcase the item itself, one of the extra eight photographs should depict the item in use. This could help customers envision how the item will appear in their house or how it may influence their lives.

Final Thoughts

By following these recommendations, you can make the most of your ideas and discover how to enhance your Amazon listing optimization, which will inevitably raise your performance and conversion rates.

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