3 Ways To Hang Canvas Prints

Framing a canvas via the time-honored technique of using nails is a simple affair. All you have to do is put a hammer in a couple of screws, and display your memories in their proper place. Did you know, however, that there are many other ways to frame canvas art than just the traditional method of puncturing the wall with nails?

Some general guidelines apply to every wall hanging composition, regardless of the frame or image you choose. What are such guidelines? And what can you do to accentuate the newly printed portrait by utilizing them? Let’s discover those useful tips in the guide below!

Ways to hang canvas prints

Gather your supplies

An individual who wishes to hang a canvas will need the following tools: 

A pencil


Hammer Wall

Protection pads 

Measuring tape or ruler Nails

Aside from these tools, you will also need additional pieces such as screws, saw tooth hangers, wire, and eye hooks (depending on the size of your canvas frame).


A lot of people make the error of thinking the frame’s positioning just so happens. That is determined by their estimation, which states that the frame is either too high or too low. A general rule of framing is to plan the positioning so that the images fit at eye level, especially if you plan to hang them above your bed or sofa. Keep the 6 to 16 inches between the bottom of the painting’s floor and the top of the furniture to create a breathing space.

You can also test your picture by following the recommendations of a museum to verify the proper eye level.

First, divide your height measurement in half to find the canvas center. Add 57 to the canvas center number to determine how high the top of the frame has to be from the edge of the wall up. Location the mark using a pencil.

Arrangements for a canvas print

Before hanging your new canvas, scrub the wall to remove any dust. For more flexibility, use household furniture to move them aside. The additional space will help you move your handy tools. Be sure that you have an assistant to help you pass the tools, especially if your renovation project entails repainting your whole wall at knifepoint.

If you are using a wooden frame instead of a canvas for the painting, make sure you put the wall protector pads around the frame to keep your wall from being damaged.

Hanging a canvas with nails

One of the fastest and most frequently used options is to pound a nail into the wall and position the top wood bar of the picture canvas above the nail. However, make sure to not completely pound the pin into the wall and leave some several inches loose to allow support. Here is where you will find the ultimate guide to hanging canvas prints.

And, although this method is very easy, we don’t recommend utilizing it for a large canvas due to its lack of assistance from only one nail.

But, of course, for small frames, it’s permissible to get by quickly with this tactic.

Using a Sawtooth Hanger

One of the most secure choices for roughly equal-sized canvas is to use a sawtooth bracket. These can be found in different sizes therefore it is wise to acquire one according to the size of your artwork.

Mark, the center of the tipped-up deal of the canvas, is a location where your sawtooth loop will go. Set the sawtooth anchor in the center of the hanger and use a nail to attach the holes on each side of the hanger. Carefully tap the nail with the hammer, without exerting a great deal of force.  Hammer a nail into the wall and hang your canvas.

Using panting with wire

Because a large-sized canvas requires a more robust hanging system, you may use a sawtooth hanger along with the wire rather than a regular wire hanger for additional support.

Gather wire, eye hooks, and hammer. Mount the eye hooks to the front of the canvas. Cover the braided wire of the eye-hook assemblies with the nail. Leave space in between the eye hooks so the wire can hang between them. Tighten the knots on both sides of your new eye-hook assembly. Pound the central portion of the wire as deeply as you can inside the depression in the nail.

Hanging a canvas without nails

Picture mounting strips or plastic are great for those who do not want their walls to be ruined by nail holes and marking. They are simple to install and hold the weight of a standard-sized canvas of up to 16 pounds.

Generally, you will need four adhesive tapes for every edge of the canvas. However, you can add more significantly increase durability. Measure and mark the most suitable vicinity to get the sticking area with a pencil on both the wall and the canvas frame. Firmly press the adhesive on the canvas and stick it on the framework.


In conclusion, there are many ways to hang canvas prints, but the best way to find out is to experiment with different methods and see what works best for your space. 

Hopefully, this article helped way ways to know how to hang canvas prints. With a little bit of research and practice, you’ll be able to show off your beautiful canvas art print in no time.

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