Things That Are Considered As Marital Misconduct

Although personal fights and misunderstandings are between two partners in a marriage, if the issue raises and results in abusive behavior by a partner, the victim of the abuse can report it to the court under a marital misconduct case. Married couples are entitled to follow certain basic conditions that do not go against the law and affect their marriage. In case if a spouse violates such conditions, they are held accountable for their actions and strictly punished.

Experiencing marital misconduct despite filing for divorce can be stressful. Only a divorce attorney in monroe nc will be able to offer legal help so that your rights are protected.

Here are some things that are considered marital misconduct:

  • Wrongful imprisonment

No spouse should lock up their partner under any circumstances since it can be considered unlawful and called out as marital misconduct. If a partner wants to file a divorce, even wrongful imprisonment and aggressive behavior can be stated as a valid reason for legal separation. 

  • Diminishing assets

If a spouse starts to destroy, diminish, and unnecessarily spend their partner’s assets, resulting in loss, then it is evident that their marriage has failed since marital misconduct has occurred. No spouse should recklessly waste their partner’s hard-earned money and possession and should be used only up to a limit set by the partner. 

  • Abandonment

A married couple should take care of one another at all times, including their lowest points. Suppose a spouse abandons their partner due to another affair or a specific reason.
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In that case, the abandoned partner can seek legal help from an attorney under a marital misconduct case.

  • Abuse

A spouse should not tolerate domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse in a marriage. Suppose a partner is getting abused by their spouse. In that case, they are advised to immediately contact an attorney or reach out to a friend who can find an attorney for them since abuse-related cases are strictly punishable by law.

Marital misconduct is something that a marriage partner violates by performing unlawful activities and not providing an adequate life to their spouse. Even if a partner sees the signs of marital misconduct, they can report it to a legal representative to be protected upfront before it gets severe and the victim cannot come out of the misconduct.
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Attorney’s help should be the first legal step a partner should take in a marital misconduct case.

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