This is The Finest Model of Red Dirt Road Wheels for Off-Roading in 2023!

Red Dirt Road Wheels, more commonly and thankfully known simply as RDR, is one of those aftermarket brands that tend to fly below the radar. That does not mean that rim enthusiasts don’t know about them! RDR is a specialist in off-road wheels and is recognized as one of the best brands you can opt for when it comes to pickup trucks, vans, off-road vehicles, and all manners of SUVs and 4x4s.

RDR’s rims are some of the most durable and technologically advanced currently available in the United States. Of course, you can use their off-road wheels for your subcompact cars too. The 20-inch rims that this company makes is perfect for a Hyundai Accent or a Nissan Versa, besides bigger vehicles like the Skoda Octavia and premium rides like the Jaguar XJ.

Still, off-road vehicle owners are the ones who generally opt for the latest models of Red Dirt Road Wheels. But there’s just one small hiccup here: with so many models in so many sizes and finishes, which RDR rims are the best?

It’s a fairly common problem that many customers face. It has no single answer; some experts and professionals active in the aftermarket & custom wheels niche will have you believe it’s the newer models like the RD12 Tribus or the RD25.Click here for more Wet Wipes

A few others will be huge fans of the super-smart RD55A Saw Blade – a stunning model that turns heads everywhere it goes.

But there’s one model, an old one, that is hugely respected and still sells in large numbers which might just be the ace of spades. And that is the RD01.

What’s so special about the RD01?

This model is also referred to as the RD01 Dirt. It has been around for almost a decade now and has witnessed several facelifts and a few nips and tucks thrown in for good measure.

It was originally introduced and advertised for pickup trucks in early-2014. Gradually, as sales picked up, the ads were slightly tweaked to indicate that the RD01 Dirt was for general off-road use.

Of the 4 sizes the rim is available in, it is the 20-inch variant that has retained its popularity and a huge base of loyal customers. It’s easy to make out why: almost all off-road tires from the likes of Goodyear, Pirelli, Michelin, and Cooper fit this size like a high-quality suede glove.

Besides, a 20-inch wheel can prove as effective on a Silverado or a F-250 as on a fully-loaded Jeep Wrangler and the Dodge RAM 2500.

Of the several good reasons why this Red Dirt Road Wheels icon is an esteemed member of the automotive & aftermarket Hall of Fame, the major ones are:

  • It takes the classic 8-spoke design and transforms it into a muscle-bound hulk of a rim. The spoke design is spartan, although the edges and the central part are carefully machined. The RD01 comes in 3 lug configurations, allowing you to change it if you wish from your 4-WD to a bigger GMC Sierra without losing one bit of navigability and control.
  • Initially, the only available color was matte black designed to improve the looks of any and all vehicles. You can now choose from chrome and an attractive machined black option too. On a personal note, we are huge fans of the all-black RD01. It’s an impressive piece of work and increases the brownie points for style like few other models can.
  • A number of offsets and widths are on offer. When you take this together with the multiple bolt patterns (5, 6 or 8 lugs), its clear just how adaptable the model truly is.
  • This RDR rim is manufactured entirely in the United States, using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and a few proprietary technologies. This gives it enough strength to let you traverse and conquer the worst off-road conditions without much fuss.

You will require high-tech branded tires too, but that’s a different tale!

  • Lastly, this longstanding flagship model of Red Dirt Road Wheels has been re-engineered several times to help it accommodate bigger TPMS and brake calipers.

It also helps how attractively priced the RD01 Dirt is.

Do note that it’s pretty heavy; each rim weighs around 50 pounds. But there’s not much effect on fuel efficiency or on handling. Again, having suitable tires help a lot!

Any other Red Dirt Road rims worth it?

Actually, there are several. Like most major brands, RDR tries to avert product fatigue by introducing new and facelifted models every year.

2022 was no different. The competition in the off-road segment is intense and the most famous brands are Fuel, Blaque Diamond, Method, Moto Metal & Anthem Wheels.

Red Dirt Road launched a series of brand-new models that score high on style, finish, and performance.

The top 3 RDR wheels that shook up the market are:

  1. RD11 Lander, a futuristic-looking new launch that comes in a splendid light-brown finish
  2. RD21 Sawmill, an off-beat but icon in the making that makes for great eye candy, and
  3. RD16 Twister, a true directional rim with awesome load ratings

Where do I buy them?

This is slightly tricky.

Red Dirt Road Wheels are sold only via company-authorized distributors and established retailers. You cannot purchase its models via the company website or from any rim outlet.

One great idea is to pay an online visit to some of the oldest and renowned retailers like the 34-year-old AudioCity USA of California. It’s certainly one of our recommended outlets that is staffed by highly-trained pros.

Or you can connect with your nearest RDR-authorized distributor!

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