Top 10 Myths About Alcohol Addiction And Rehab

Also called alcoholism, alcohol addiction is a prevalent condition that impacts people worldwide. Often people consume alcohol as a drug that will help them alleviate tension, stress or induce sleep. But on the contrary, it only diminishes brain activity and has zero nutrients.

It also does not help an individual in any way to relieve their tension or induce sleep. According to studies, close to fifteen percent of alcohol consumers become alcohol dependent or alcoholics. Such people need to seek an alcohol addiction treatment that is personalized for their long-term recovery.

The condition of alcoholism is treatable. But the prevalence of myths around alcohol addiction can prohibit people from seeking recovery. Here are ten myths about it that you should not believe.

1.  Drinking is My Choice, and No One Needs to Give Me a Lecture on it

Although drinking is indeed a personal choice and preference, people should not think that their excessive drinking hurts only them. This habit of yours affects everyone around and those who are closest to you. When your loved ones see you dealing with the problem of alcohol dependence, they also find themselves in a difficult situation.

2.  Beer Drinkers Cannot Be Termed as Alcoholics.

Many young people think that since beer does not come under hard drinks, they can drink it excessively. But beer has an adequate amount of alcohol, and by consuming it regularly, it becomes harmful for the body.

3.  I Don’t Drink Everyday, So I Am Not an Alcoholic.
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Addiction is not determined by the frequency of you consuming alcohol. If your habit of drinking alcohol creates issues in your family, relationship, and job, you have to admit that you are suffering from a problem.

4.  Drinking Is Not an Addiction, Like Drug Abuse

Alcohol is, by all means, a drug. Thus, alcoholism also damages the body, like drug abuse. Alcohol addiction also brings changes in the mind and body and can lead to various devastating consequences.

5.  Since I’m well-settled, I Cannot Be An Alcoholic

Not all alcoholics are homeless. Many are well-settled in their lives with a great career but are dependent on alcohol. So, being an alcoholic has nothing to do with your financial background and condition.

6.  Alcohol Boosts My Sexual Performance

Many people feel that drinking excessive amounts of liquor will make them better in bed. However, the more you drink it, the more it impacts you psychologically. In the end, it only diminishes your sexual performance.

7.  It Will Cost Me My Job If I Go to Rehab

A widely prevalent assumption among alcoholics is that if they go to rehab to seek treatment, they will lose their job. The truth is that you can easily ask your employer for leave to treat this health concern.

8.  You’re Boring If You are Not Interested in Drinking

Being boring or not has everything to do with your attitude towards life. Drinking does not play any role in it.

9.  Reaching out for Help is a Sign of Weakness

Alcohol addiction will cause several physical and psychological changes in a person. Accepting these problems and reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness but courage.

10. Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Typically Fail

The failure of a program depends upon how determined an individual is to overcome their addiction. You cannot generalize that all rehabilitation programs meet a dead end.
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If you have good willpower and adequate family support, you will fully recover from the program.
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A good alcohol addiction treatment offers services like occupational therapy and supported employment. If you or anyone near you is suffering from this life-threatening condition, it’s necessary to guide them toward seeking help.

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