Welding Machines In Kenya – Prices, Where To Buy

Getting a welding machine should not be difficult. A good machine is known for its high performance, durability and features. Although many would consider the prices when selecting a welding machine, some sellers hike prices yet sell poor quality welding machines. Still interested? Read on to know more about welding machines before making a conclusion on the best machine.

Welding is becoming a common source of getting an income in Kenya. However, not all welding

Machines are built in the same way. Some welding machines are made locally by traditional welders after acquiring skills from others. There are endless opportunities for welding, but getting a good welding machine might not be rosy as far as prices are concerned.

Types of welding machines

The welding machines are classified according to the type of materials used to make them.  These are the 4 types of welding machines as follows:

Flux core welding machines

They use continuous power supplies and are used by combining a base metal. The machine comes with a welding gun and weld pool. However, it is not suitable for using outdoors because it is susceptible to being damaged by wet conditions.

Metal arch welding machines

These welding machines a portable and suitable for most repairs. You can use them for repairing underwater pipes, industrial fabrication and many more. They use a shielded metal art and melting welding materials that are inexpensive.

Metal arc welding machines

Metal arc welding machines are suitable for use in industrial manufacturing, particularly the motor industries. They use an electrode and a welding gun that protects the machine from contamination. The welding machine prices in Kenya for Metal arc welding devices are reasonable, hence suitable for your needs.

Tungsten welding machines

As the name suggests, these welders are made of tungsten that is good for welding the strongest metals. They last long and do not wear out easily. Currently, they are among the most expensive welding machines in Kenya because of their capabilities and fantastic functions.
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Welding machines are available in Kenya from any leading electronic shops countrywide. Their availability also depends on several factors, like the importation fee. Some devices are imported and have higher prices. Locally made welding machines are cheaper and available in many places.


The prices of welding machines differ from different shops. The prices are  greatly determined by the availability andwhere you buy the machine. Imported welding machines will always be expensive because of theirsuperior capabilities.  However, it is always essential to buy from reputable sellers.
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Local sellers tend to cut down on the cost of the machines by selling low-quality machines. However, prices should not be the primary determinant when selecting a welding machine. To get the best product, look at the features of the device. In addition, always compare prices from online sellers as they will give you an average price of the specific type of machine. Alternatively, you can get the exact price by inquiring from reputable sellers.

Identifying the best welding machines

To know the best machine for your work, look at the machine you intend to repair. Different metals and devices will require distinct welding machines. More vital metals will need more robust machines, while weaker materials will require less expensive welding machines.


In conclusion, welding machines are suitable for creating an extra source of income. However, select the best welding machine according to your needs. Prices should not be the primary determinant of getting high-quality machines.

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