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There are many components such as window frames, which are available in both metal window frames. and wooden window frames It depends on the home builder company บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน or the contractor will choose according to the nature of the structure.

  • May install mosquito nets.
  • The transom is the part of the transom that is at the top.
  • The transom is the part of the transom that is on the side.
  • The lower jamb or terrarium is the bottom part of the jamb with a sloping face to drain water and dust from the building
  • The lithosphere is an extension from the lower jamb or lithosphere. To allow rainwater to drain more droplets from the plane of the wall.
  • Sometimes there may be a lotus cover on the outside.
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  • Bua Cherng Bon
  • Side lotus

Window trim and mirror set

  • Window pane means Movable and glass-supported pane frames vary in shape, size, and opening/closing method depending on the design.
  • Channel light means One glass compartment in the subframe
  • Mirror set means with all the light openings within the subframe of one pane, single-layer glazing does not prevent loss and heat transfer as poorly as double-glazed windows. or the installation of another outer layer of storm protection panels to choose a type of coated glass with optional reflective material or to install a triple layer glass. It is the next step in increasing the heat loss resistance when needed.
  • In addition to preventing heat loss A good window pane must have waterproof and airtight properties. should have windproof eyebrows as well as to seal the joints between the glass and the frame tightly

The opening hasn’t fallen yet.

  • Consult the manufacturer of windows and window frames. to know the size of the unadorned opening Part of the planning or production of window frames There should be a small gap between the window frame and the inner edge of the frame around all 4 sides.


  • Window cornice means the opening around the opening consists of the upper cornice, the side cornice, the threshold and the window.

Requirements by building control law

in window construction design the designer must check the requirements of the building control law regarding the following matters.

  • Natural light and ventilation for interior living spaces.
  • Thermal insulation value of the window set.
  • The ability to resist the impact of wind.
  • The size of the opening of the emergency window used in the bedroom. which generally must be at least 5.7 ft² (0.53 m²) per window pane. and should have an internal width of at least 20″ (510) and a height of 24″ (610) with a minimum height of 44″ (1,120) of the lower transom or sill from the floor.
  • Because the glass window is large. This may mislead building occupants into thinking that it is an aisle without glazing, therefore, glass window openings that are larger than 9 ft² (0.84 m²) and have a threshold less than 60″ above the floor or close to the interior aisle. Radius 24″ Safety glass should be used so that it does not harm the user when glass breaks, such as annealed glass, laminated glass, or plastic.
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ADA Compliant Recommendations for Entry-Exit

  • If the window opening is used to manually open and close the pane and has limited accessibility. It should be designed to have enough space for people with disabilities to use wheelchairs to access and reach for easy opening and closing.
  • The horizontal frame will act as a frame covering the mirror trim.
  • upper frame
  • Vertical mirror eyebrows.
  • Side frames are vertical window frames.
  • lower frame
  • Center set is the vertical part separates each window or door.

Types of windows

Fixed door consists of a frame and a mirror trim. when used in combination with or next to window openings Size of the thickness of the transom and the width of the window frame the house building รับสร้างบ้าน should be the same size. for beauty when viewed from the front

  • Hinges are mounted on the sides of the window pane and frame. The window panes open from the inside out.
  • When the window is opened will be able to determine the direction of the ventilation wind
  • The pane with Vigo installed. will not use hinges but will attach a wigko device inside the upper and lower jamb Make the inner pane frame move – come on the top – bottom frame while opening – closing or pushing the window in – out.
  • When the two panes are closed together the two outer vertical sash panes are attached to each other. by covering the edge of the frame or having a cornice attached on the outer end of the frame or may install the center ball to the outer end of the two doors to close it
  • Inverted pane pan Vigo equipment will be installed on the side of the upper frame. Or install hinges on top of the jamb with chop hooks. It will swing open to the outside and can protect from rain as well.
  • Panning pans face up. Hinge will be installed on the lower frame with a chopper hook. It will swing open inward.
  • When the window is opened be able to determine the direction of the air ventilation
  • In the case of double panniers Spoons may be placed vertically together. Covered together by shading or having a frame in the middle.
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  • Horizontal sliding May move the window pane back and forth in a single pane. or multi-panel on the groove or rail on the jamb
  • Vertical double sliding doors with two windows Slides up and down in a channel or rail on the jamb. It will close the window openings separately.
  • To hold the window in place. May use stiffness between the jamb and the door frame Make a counterweight or bolt
  • Single sliding door There will be only one sliding door, the other is dead.
  • Rotating louvered windows. There will be both glass shutters and wooden shutters. with the rotation of the scales at the same time
  • This type of window is commonly used in moderate climates. and want to blind or external vision
  • The swivel can be rotated 90º or 180º.
  • Commonly used in high-rise buildings with air conditioning systems that do not require frequent opening and closing of windows. It will only be used when cleaning. or ventilate in emergency only

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