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The motoring network Discovery Turbo has been around for over 20 years. This is a channel dedicated to car and boat programming that appeals to the 25-54 year-old demographic. It also features a variety of on-demand programs such as “The Money Issue,” vintage car auctions, and a cult favorite, Restomania. It was previously available on demand in the US, but has since been discontinued. This makes it a popular choice for the male-oriented motoring audience.

Discovery Turbo is a 24-hour cable television channel in Australia. It is similar to Discovery Velocity and Motor Trend, which both focus on transport-related programming. It was briefly available on demand in the US, but is no longer available on terrestrial broadcast. Its programming is geared toward the 21st century, and is also accessible on Jio tv and Foxtel. It’s owned by Discovery Inc., the same company that owns the popular video game console, The Sims.

The service began broadcasting on 15 March 2007 as Discovery Real Time, which ceased production in late 2008. The channel was rebranded as Discovery Turbo in May 2015, and is now available in HD on the Foxtel platform. It was a two-hour delay, but it is still available. It replaced the previous Discovery Real Time service, which ceased airing on SelecTV in late 2010. This channel focuses on programming about travel and transportation.

In Australia, Discovery Turbo has replaced Discovery Kids and Discovery Real Time. In the US, it was rebranded as DMAX in July 2007. It will broadcast for two hours each day. In the UK, it replaced Comedy Central Extra, which had lasted from June 13 to July 15. It will also replace the former motoring channel, KidsCo. It will begin airing in Southeast Asia on July 7, 2014. In the UK, Discovery Turbo will start at 6:00 am and will end at 5:59am.

As a popular car channel, Discovery Turbo is available in several countries in Asia.
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In the US, it is available on Foxtel and AUSTAR. The channel also has channels aimed at the youth and education markets. In New Zealand, Discovery Turbo is available on Foxtel, Optus TV, and SKY Network Television. And in the UK, it is also available on other digital subscription services. For more information, contact the Discovery marketing team today.

In Poland, Discovery Turbo Xtra replaced the Discovery World.
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It was also rebranded as Discovery World Xtra in Eastern Europe. In France, it replaced the Discovery World. In Turkey, the name of the channel is the same as the same in English. In Europe, it replaces the Discovery Channel and DTX. In the US, it is available on Fetch TV. In the UK, it is available on the same platform as Discovery Real Time.

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