Your A/C Has Refrigerant Issues: Signs to Look Out for

Your A/C needs refrigerant when it is too warm indoors. This means that the system has been operating inefficiently, and you need to get an air conditioning service in Cal City, CA right away.

There are a few signs to look out for in order to determine whether or not your unit needs refrigerant. Check out what these signs are here!

A/C Gives Off Hot Air

In the summer, your air conditioner is working hard to keep you cool. It goes through its normal cycle of blowing cold air and then shuts down briefly to recharge with refrigerant.  If there’s not enough refrigerant in the system, it may blow hot air as a warning sign that something isn’t right.

When this happens, the reasons might be either external leaks have occurred, or condensation has frozen within the cooling coils blocking airflow. Either way, make sure you call your local contractor for immediate air conditioning service in Cal City, CA!

A/C’s Refrigerant Line is Freezing

The most common reason an A/C’s refrigerant line may be freezing is that the unit runs too long without being serviced. In this case, ice can form on the evaporator coil and eventually freeze up a section of the tube in your system that allows for refrigerant to flow through.

This will show an orange warning light near the power buttons or indicator lights, which might mean your unit has low coolant. Make sure you schedule an air conditioning service in Cal City, CA to fix the issue right away.

A/C Creates Weird Noises

A/C needs refrigerant to create a cooling effect. If your system is out of this substance,  then it will produce strange sounds when it tries to cool down the room. Those sounds can be heard in various ways.

Sometimes a loud hiss or whistle will emanate from inside of the unit. Other times, there may just be a faint noise coming from behind walls where nobody notices it.

Have someone to check your equipment when you hear unusual noises. Your technician can recharge the refrigerant and restore the system’s function.

Longer Cooling Cycle

Refrigerant is the coolant that flows through an air conditioner to absorb heat in a process called refrigeration services. Hot vaporized refrigerants travel from the outdoor coil of your A/C, into the compressor, and condenser coils, where they will be cooled. The refrigerant then returns back to the evaporator right before completing its cycle again as hot vaporized gas.

When there’s too little or no refrigerant left inside your A/C system, this cyclical process can’t take place, leading up to longer cooling cycles for everyone living within your home. In this case, you need air conditioning service in Cal City, CA.

A/C Consumes More Energy

When you turn on your air conditioning in the summer, that’s when your unit starts working extra hard and uses refrigerant as its main component for the cooling process.

Without a sufficient amount of refrigerant circulating through coils and in the system, your A/C can’t do what it was designed to do. But still, your equipment will continue to function even in poor condition to cope with the cooling demand. This adds stress to the system, resulting in high energy consumption.

Having Trouble with A/C Refrigerant? Call the Experts!

A/C refrigerant issues are something that you should not ignore. Leaving the problem unfixed can cause major trouble in your comfort, safety, budget, and equipment.

Call All Heart Heating & Cooling to fix the issues. The company provides top-quality air conditioning service in Cal City, CA. Call them at 661-310-3747.

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