3 Creative Ways to Involve Children in your Wedding

Having a wedding is a very special and unforgettable part of a person’s life.  Most of the time, the bride and groom wish to invite as many people as possible to share in their incredibly romantic day.  In addition, there are times when the bridal party wishes to involve favorite friends and family into the ceremony itself.  This truly makes for a memorable day and can double as a pretty great photo op as well.

Involving kids in a formal ceremony is not always easy.  However, it is when you relax your standards just a little bit and allow yourself to get creative that you notice how many options from the Best Wedding Blogs you really have.  Stop saying no to your friends and family who have children and use these 3 tips to incorporate their angelic youth into your wedding.

  1. The Youngest Bridal Party Ever

So, being a bridesmaid or groomsman is pretty simple work.  You wear a dress or tux and you stand there with a smile on your face while the bride and groom exchange their vows.  Why a child couldn’t pull that off is beyond understanding.  Letting a couple of the best behaved kids on your guest list stand up as the bridal party can be an exciting change to the norm, and it would look adorable too.  Just make sure they are all old enough to stand still, or else you will have a lot of ruckus at the altar.

  1. Ushered by Cuteness

Few things are cuter than a kid who is dressed up like an adult while acting accordingly.  Children might misbehave if they are forced to sit through a wedding that they find boring, and that is too often the case in ceremonies with a high youth population.  Growing families wish to be a part of your special day well but often feel obligated to skip the whole thing because of their rambunctious kids.  Give them something to do to expel that extra energy by letting their cuteness usher people to their rightful seats.

  1. Manning the Guest Book Battle Station

Who remembers playing “office” or “school” with friends and family as a child?  Most children do this because they like to exercise their power, and so they take great pride in making sure everything is just right.  If you know a child like this, why not give them a pen and the guest book and let them take things from there?  Managing the guestbook is not a difficult job at all since most people already know what to do.  In addition, this change could also be an opportunity for you to show off how excited you are to join families together.

There are a lot of ways in which the creative bride and groom could incorporate kids into their wedding ceremony.  It really is just a matter of personal taste and available child selection.
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  While it may not be a good idea to invite extremely young children to participate in the wedding, slightly older kids seem to perform swimmingly when given an important task. The Modern Coffer of Information

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