6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a G Suite Partner

There are various benefits of having a G Suite partner for your business, whether you have already migrated to the Google workspace or are planning to move to a new platform. If you have a G Suite partner in India and are still clueless about the advantages it can bring to your business, read the rest of the article to get an idea about the overall functioning and benefits of having a G Suite.

In short, a G suite partner is Google’s way of giving you more attention, support, and flexibility. So, why is Google so interested in the Indian market and providing so much support to the businesses?

Even before becoming the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai had bigger plans for Google in India. He predicted the growth of internet users and IT startups in India six years ago. Now, he has committed to a USD 10 billion investment in the country. This move was because of three primary reasons:

  • The number of broadband users crosses 500 million and increased use of 4G (11GB/Month).
  • Google’s rival, Facebook, invested USD 6 billion in the Jio platform.
  • India is the best place to test innovations and new products. For, eg. The success of Gpay and collaboration with RailTel have proven to be successful.

What do you gain by having a partner in your country?
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1. The G Suite partner in India understands your business

Suppose you have a local G Suite partner who understands and manages your business (IT field). That means they know the context of your concerns and can give you relevant assistance for your needs.

2. Local support

Google always provides support for their clients and customers, but the sheer number of G Suite users is beyond the reach of Google employees. And because of this issue, the local G Suite partners are always ready to help the customers.

The local support team understands the issues well and can communicate well with those in that particular geo-specific place.

3. Up to date with new features

Google is releasing patches and updates every week/month and is coming up with changes in the interface and technology. These updates are launched to make the software/workspace easy to use and become powerful.
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No one is that skilled and informed all the time to keep up with all these updates and changes, and that’s when you need the support of a local G Suite partner in India.

4. Certified with Google

To become a G Suite partner, one has to complete the training provided by Google. The partner will be fully versed in everything one needs to know to work with and solve problems in G Suite.

5. Cyber security

The G Suite partner will advise you on the best security practices regarding G Suite to avoid any accidental security/data breach or theft. Incidents of ex-employees having access to your private data are still an issue in many organizations.

The partner will help the organization in setting up passwords authentication, cloud security, etc. You will be able to control the company data via the cloud-based dashboard and monitor every movement in the system.

6. Data Migration

If you plan to move your firm to G Suite, you will get a smooth transition. The email history, calendars, contacts, and all the data related to the company will be transferred without any data loss.

Having these features in your loud system will benefit your business in the long run.
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