A Look Into the World of Horse Racing

It is no surprise that a sport as popular as horse racing invites millions of bets worldwide. In a country like Australia, these bets are even more in number. This popularity is due to Australia’s long-standing horse racing tradition, dating back to 1810.

The concept of horse racing in Australia was first established in Sydney. At that time, the country had about a hundred imported thoroughbred horses. Subsequently, the industry brought in more horses, and the first official races began in 1814.

Even now, some races witness an enthusiastic community ready to bet. For free horse racing tips, Australia has many websites prepared to provide you with the information you need.

The Surge in Popularity

According to official sources, nearly one million Australians regularly bet on dog and horse racing in 2015. A majority of these betters were men aged between 30 to 64.

Thoroughbred racing is the third most-watched sport in Australia, just behind rugby and Australian rules. It has commanded a massive fanbase over the years, with regular betting and spectating common.

Additionally, horse racing employs around 250,000 individuals with over 2,600 registered trainers. A whopping 1,000 jockeys operate in the country, with 374 race clubs dotted across the landscape.

Betting on the Right Horse

The primary reason many individuals prefer betting is because of the relatively lower risk. Gambling is often avoided because of the uncertainty it offers.

Before betting on a horse, it is advisable to look at its past performance. Moreover, it is equally important to research the jockeys available. A jockey might be your key to selecting the right horse.

Top-quality racehorses aren’t produced naturally. The trainer’s skills play a vital role in enhancing the qualities of a horse.

A visit to the racetrack to examine the nature of the track is equally important. While you are there, keep an eye out for the jockeys and trainers to make an informed decision.

The Types of Races

Horse racing is a pride sport in itself. As an outcome, there are various types of races that are available.

Claiming Races

As the name suggests, an individual can buy any horse participating in this type of race. To purchase the horse, the punter has to request it before the race starts. After the race ends, they are the new owner of the mentioned horse.

A limitation of this system is that the previous owner will claim the prize money. Moreover, even in case of injuries or death of the horse, you cannot ask for a refund.

Allowance Races

Allowance races are the most common type and do not include the sale of any horse. The payouts handed in these races are generally higher.

However, horses participating in this race need to fulfil specific criteria. This criterion may include carrying standard weights or fulfilling some conditions.

Stakes Races

These races are reserved for the top horses. They boast of the highest pay-out and can be local or significant.

These races also do not offer any restrictions, apart from age and sex.

Summing Up

Suppose you do not have time to visit the track personally; opt for tips online. For reliable free horse racing tips, Australia has many local websites.

Enjoy a day at the racetrack as you cheer on your favourite horse. Bet or no bet, the show must go on.

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