Drain Relining: The Best Option to Clean or Repair Blocked Drains

Does your drain require repair or replacement?
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No need to get frustrated by thinking about the mess that it causes. Drain relining constitutes innovative techniques to repair and clean the drainage system with less or no damage to the surroundings. This reclining process doesn’t demand digging up the new driveway, tearing down the walls, or demolishing the backyard. Most sewer relining technicians will take a day to complete the whole process. Now, people depend on this innovative technique for domestic and commercial drain repair due to its several advantages. It has become the best way to deal with clogged pipes, blocked drains and obstructed sewers. This article explains what drain or pipe relining is and lists a few reasons why one should switch to drain or pipe relining.

How does Drain Relining Work?

Unlike the conventional method, drain relining involves no digging up the ground to clean and repair the pipe, drain or sewage. The technique involves the insertion of epoxy resin liner into the pipe and inflating it so that the old pipe becomes fully sealed. First of all, a high-pressure water jet is used to remove the blockages in the drain. Then a CCTV camera is inserted to locate any problems. Next, an epoxy resin liner will be inserted and inflated to replace the existing pipework. The resin is cured using steam, hot water, or ambient air temperature to create a strong seal. Once the sealing is over, the relining process is complete.

When is relining needed?

Drain or pipe relining can be used to fix different types of damaged drains, including tree root damage. Tree root damage is a very common problem concerned with drains, and drains relining in Sydney is one of the best solutions to this problem.

Some of the reasons why one should go for drain or pipe relining is discussed below:

Less Damage to the Property

The traditional method of drain repairing is all messy as the plumber has to dig up the yard. This method is less feasible in built-up areas as it causes damage to property or the landscape. But drain relining is done in such a way as there is no need to dig up the pipe and ruin the property. Besides the hassle of excavation, one can also avoid the grumpy looks of neighbours due to the noise. This quality of minimal disruption makes relining a popular option.

Less Time Consuming

The relining can save one’s time as it is a quick process. It won’t take more than 24 hours to complete the relining process, whereas the traditional method is very time-consuming.

Cost-effective Method

This newer relining technology is very economical. Its costs can be very low compared to traditional pipe replacement. It also helps to save money in the long term as there is a lesser chance for repair in the future.
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Relined pipes are much stronger than replacement pipes and stay longer. So, it becomes a permanent solution due to its durability and quality.

Who can do the process?

The relining process is done by experts in the field. There are many plumbing agencies specialising in commercial and domestic relining services. It will be better to depend on these kinds of agencies that provide quality services throughout the process of drain or pipe relining. Agencies that offer top-notch customer service and guarantee customers satisfaction are the most preferable to depend on. Make sure all the plumbers are well trained and qualified.

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