HaanGlas VIG Pro

The HaanGlas VIG Pro is the newest, most advanced vacuum unit on the market today. It features the latest in technology and design to make the job of your team easier than ever.


The origins of HaanGlas VIG Pro are quite unique for a technological development. It was developed over a period of years and was commercialized by a Japanese company, Nippon Sheet Glass Group (NSG).This product was the logical progression of the VIG concept. While many companies saw the concept as too costly and risky to produce, NSG had the vision to take the VIG concept and turn it into a viable product.

A high-performance vacuum insulating glass is a great technology for preventing condensation and reducing carbon emissions. This innovative type of glazing is also suitable for historic building renovations. In addition, it offers a range of benefits, including improved safety and acoustic performance. Over the past eight years, HaanGlas has adapted its VIG product to a variety of applications. This includes its use in Europe and Belgium. Now, it is working on expanding its product line in the near here for more info from Bible Verse

VacuMax(tm) unit

If you’re interested in the performance of vacuum glazing solutions, then you’ll love the VacuMax(tm) unit for HaanGlas VIG Pro. This hybrid IGU unit has a number of advantages over other glazing solutions, and it is also easy to install. The product is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is suitable for retrofit projects, and it is able to be incorporated into a traditional glazing system. It is also durable and affordable.

This product is a great choice for green building projects, as it helps to reduce energy consumption and improves soundproof performance. The product is made from tempered glass, which is important because of its safety qualities. In addition, it has a tensile strength of 10-12 pounds per square inch. It is available in a variety of colors and it is a high-quality insulating glass product. It is also one of the few lead-free IG products on the market.

Laboratory Samples

Specimen management is an essential part of the lab work process. It is also important for the accuracy and reliability of testing. Here is a quick rundown of how it all works. Specimens are collected in various ways. Some methods involve minimally invasive procedures such as a capillary puncture of blood from the finger. Others are more complicated and require a local anesthetic. Other methods include collecting sweat on gauze or filter paper, or in a plastic coil.

A proper sample management plan is important not only for the accuracy and reliability of the test results, but also for the efficiency of the analytical lab itself. For instance, if you are working in an environmental testing lab, proper sample handling can be the difference between a good and a bad outcome.

COG Thermal Performance Of HaanGlas VIG Pro

If you’re looking to buy some glass to replace old fashioned windows, you may want to consider the vacuum glazing solutions. This is a new glass product from the Dutch company that promises to deliver some of the best thermal performance on the market. Its COG thermal performance has been tested to prove it. In the near future, this glass will be available across the globe. The company is already on its way to winning the European window and door market and hopes to expand into other markets such as Australia and South Africa.

As the name suggests, the ol’ VIG is actually a high-end product that is not cheap. You can expect to pay a premium for the VIG product, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.


Vacuum insulated glass (VIG) has been a revolutionary technology. It has been used in many applications, including historic buildings renovations. The advantages of this type of glass include a high thermal insulation, less heat transfer, and a superior soundproof performance.

As a result, the demand for VIG has been increasing. This has led to a more advanced manufacturing process. This, in turn, has reduced the cost of the product. Although the price of VIG is higher than conventional IG plants, it is expected that as technology improves, the cost will be lower.

HaanGlas has proven itself in the market through its VIG Pro. This type of high-end window glazing has been in use in Europe since 2010. In addition, the company has received SGCC and IGCC certification. Furthermore, the manufacturer plans to expand its product line in the near future.

Final Thought

Vacuum insulated glass, or VIG for short, is a relatively new technology on the scene. It was first used to great effect in vacuum sealed windows in the early 1990s. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, VIG boasts some impressive performance credentials.

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