How to Rent a Pickup Truck That Fits You Perfectly

Pickup trucks are practical and convenient vehicles for cargo transportation and country life. How to choose the right cheap pickup truck rental and what characteristics of the car you should pay attention to. Pickup trucks were created as simple and cheap vehicles for the army. There they were used to transport goods. Later, manufacturers equipped them with all-wheel drive. But this was not enough to get the status of prestigious and elite cars. 

Today, pickup trucks are machines with a large wheelbase, frame construction, high ground clearance, rigid (often spring) suspension designed for an impressive load. Pickups often have a big open cargo area. 

Today you can find a variety of awnings, covers, and even awnings for the cargo area. To somehow solve the problem of a small interior, the designers have created a half-cab (with two doors and the second row of seats) and a double-cab (full four doors). This reduces the trunk or increases the length of the vehicle, which makes maneuvering and parking difficult.

Pickups for Different Tasks

We recommend taking a closer look at trucks in three categories:

  • The most common vehicles, small pickups, are compact or mid-size.
  • Full-size: large cars with a roomy body that do not fit in standard-sized garages due to their length;
  • Heavy-duty autos are giant vehicles that are rarely seen. They are capable of carrying large loads.

It is better to choose a vehicle that meets your needs. For example, if you do not plan to transport more than one ton of cargo in the body, there is no point in renting a Heavy Duty. It is important to consider that such pickups have powerful engines with 350+ horsepower and consume a lot of fuel.

To carry an ATV or snowmobile, as well as loads comparable in weight and size, it is better to rent a full-size. Good models are the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-150. They, too, consume a lot of fuel. But in return, you get the confidence of being able to load and haul any load. 

All pickups have a fairly high payload, and many of the driving qualities are the same. This is an important parameter for motorists because the car will have to ride in the city and on rural roads and fields.

Who is Suitable for an SUV, and Who is Suitable for a Pickup Truck?

Many car enthusiasts believe that a pickup is converted and deprived of the second and third rows of SUV seats. But more often than not, the changes are much more serious. What is the essence of big cars? Pickups have become a way of life for the military and are exclusively delivery vehicles. 

What are the Peculiarities of SUVs?

The main advantages of SUVs include a four-wheel-drive system with inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks, downshifting, and some other features. Do not forget about the large number of passenger seats (usually from 5 to 9). By folding the individual chairs, you can carry a large amount of cargo. You get a van. 

Today, large SUVs are considered cars of the premium segment. They need a large arsenal of electronic assists and active and passive safety systems: from the automatic parking function to the dynamic cruise control and more than ten airbags. As a consequence, it is rather expensive to rent such a vehicle.

Modern SUVs are suitable for large cities – large rear-view mirrors, cameras, parking sensors, stop sensors for obstacles, etc. It is better to rent a pickup truck if you need to transport large loads outside the city. It is a good option for a trip to the countryside. For example, if you want to take a quad bike and ride it on the forest trails. 

The pickup for rent is suitable for fishing and hunting trips. The trunk can hold all your equipment. This vehicle is the best option for an expedition off-road. It is not afraid of dirt and bad roads. The main thing – before returning the car to the lessor, go to the car wash and wash it properly. 

How to Choose a Pickup?

  • Determine the purpose of renting a pickup truck. It is either a low-cost alternative to an SUV or a truck for transportation. In the first case, the owners are important image, capacity, and they do not intend to carry goods. If this is about you – choose a four-door pickup with good equipment, a powerful engine, and a modern appearance. If transporting cargo is crucial, consider renting models with one row of seats and a large cargo area.
  • Decide on the type of drive. If you need the pickup to have a high cross-country capability and rent it to haul heavy trailers, you need all-wheel drive. Learn more about the benefits of the all-wheel-drive vehicle at this link:
  •  If you’re not going to use the vehicle off-road, plenty of decent and affordable rear-wheel-drive vehicles are available. This is a cheaper option when renting and also consumes less fuel. Don’t look for front-wheel-drive trucks. You won’t find many of these vehicles. A front-wheel drive has poor handling when fully loaded.
  • There are two designs of pickup trucks – light-duty and off-road. In the first case, the pickup is made on the basis of a passenger car, less often a crossover. Usually, such a car is more comfortable. In this case, it consumes less fuel and is relatively cheap to rent. The other type is based on SUVs and has a frame construction, a rigid rear axle, all-wheel drive, etc. Such a vehicle will cost more. It is heavier, so it needs more fuel. However, for tough conditions, it is a must-have.
  • Depending on what purpose you are renting the car for, pick the right accessories for the cargo area. Rubberized awnings, which protect the cargo from rain and snow, have the highest demand. You need special extra support for long items to transport long loads. American luxury trucks are equipped with an electrically operated tailgate. Except for increased practicality, it does not provide any advantages.
  • If you need to perform a specific task and not spend much money, choose models without frills. Such vehicles cannot boast advanced specifications, cutting-edge technology, or high levels of craftsmanship. Choosing a mid-priced pickup, pay attention to Japanese and American models. These are common, popular, reliable vehicles that are tailored to the basic needs of consumers. Luxury trucks are made only by manufacturers from the United States. These cars are not inferior to the best American SUVs.

Higher requirements are imposed on these vehicles because the car is designed to perform several functions simultaneously. A full-fledged truck should be cross-country, with a good payload.

Do not rush to car rental with a powerful engine. Some engines with a small number of horsepower show good traction characteristics. Pay attention to the suspension. For trucks, comfort is not in the first place but still plays a significant role.

After listening to all the advice, you will be able to rent a pickup truck that is perfect for you.


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