International Opportunities for CFOs and FDs


As the winter months approach in the United Kingdom, it is very tempting to consider working abroad as an expat Accountant, and the attractions are not just better weather, but the prospect of a tax-free high salary combined with interesting work assignments all of which together, makes for a potentially very high-quality lifestyle.


We are a niche FD and CFO recruitment boutique based in Great Portland Street London, and whilst historically focussed on London and the Southeast with occasional opportunities elsewhere in the UK.  Following the Covid pandemic we have broadened our horizons and now look at opportunities nationally in the UK as well as international work opportunities.

In recent weeks we have received enquiries from New York, Bermuda, and Dubai, because of which our team will be visiting Dubai in November 2021 to explore opening an office presence to capitalise on the potential opportunities there.
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Where can I find International Opportunities?
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FD Capital Recruitment are a great place to network with as they are active in the international recruitment market.   Their website has a jobs board, so it is worthwhile checking that regularly to find opportunities.

International businesses looking for a UK FD or CFO

If your business is International and you are looking for a trusted UK partner, then FD Capital are a reputable company owned and run by Chartered Accountants and professional recruiters, you can feel comfortable working with them as they are known to be a safe pair of hands.

What opportunities are there?

Bermuda offers a very attractive environment to work and live, there are no income or corporation taxes, though there is a health levy which funds the islands hospital.   Bermuda has a small population of only 65,000 so whilst attractive in terms of the climate, very high salaries the opportunities there are limited in number.  Also, Bermuda is among if not the most expensive country in the World to live.  Property prices are extremely high, every thing is imported which means the prices of basics like food and water are expensive.  That said salaries for an FD/CFO are in the range US0K to US0K so that goes a long way to offsetting these costs, especially as that is tax free income.
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Dubai offers a much larger market with a lot of opportunities for UK expats who live and work, there is a great night life economy, and tax-free earnings are high, an experienced FD or CFO can expect to earn around US$250K to US$500K, prices are high, but the quality of life is really good.

Visa and other formalities

If you are offered a role, then your new employers’ agents will handle the appropriate visa applications.   Packages sometimes include health care and private school fees, so depending on your circumstances make sure to confirm these details before accepting any new role.   Your family will need to be involved closely with your new role, if you are bringing them with you, then you need to consider education and what your spouse will do.


Expat working is a realistic opportunity if you are an FD or CFO with a good track record and reputation in the UK.  Broadening your experience to include international opportunities is a great way to expand your professional training and will put your career into a good place for the future.

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