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Questions to Ask While Hiring App Developers 


Anyone who is looking to convert an idea of creating an application into reality needs to hire dedicated developers to do the job for them, and hiring top-quality developers is a necessity. However, a lot goes into recognizing a talented app developer, and so as an employer, you need to ask the right questions to the developers to determine if they have what it takes to become good app developers India. Now, if you are new to this or you don’t know about the questions that you need to ask, then don’t worry because we have made a list of all the necessary questions that you need to ask while hiring app developers. In this article, we will talk about every crucial question that you need to ask during the hiring process.

Question to Ask an App Developer 

So, now that you know about the importance of hiring dedicated and deserving app developers. We should talk about the questions you need to ask them before hiring them to work with or for you.

Previous Work 

One of the most crucial questions that you need to ask application developers is regarding their previous work so that you can understand their working process and what they have done with their previous clients. Learning about their work is a way of determining their abilities and their limits.
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You can also ask them to show you some of their previous work so that you can get a clear idea about what they can and cannot do. Another thing that you can do is ask them questions about their previous work so that you can know whether they are genuinely good at what they do or not.


One of the most crucial questions that you need to ask them is about their area of expertise which is the technology they are familiar with. Sometimes you want them to work with a technology they have very little knowledge about, so it is better to have a clear idea about their technology.

List of Current and Past Clients

One of the questions you can ask them is about their current and past clients. That tells you a lot about their capability and reach.
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If their client list is good, then it suggests that they are dedicated and deserving. So, make sure to look at their client list, and if they do not hesitate to share it with you. Do not push them to share their list.

Knowledge of Smartphones and Mobile Platforms

It is always better to ask them questions about smartphones and different mobile platforms so that you can learn more about their grasp of the concept. If developers do not know much about smartphones and mobile platforms, you can’t trust them to build a mobile application. You can also grind them regarding these topics so that you can learn more about their mindset and thinking.

Revenue Related Questions 

Some developers are not good at creating an application that can create revenue, and if your goal is to make money through your application, then you need to hire developers that can provide the necessary built-in features that can generate revenue. So, make sure to ask them questions regarding how the application can make you money. It is always better to have a clear understanding of the revenue-generating system.

Communication During Development Process

As you may already know that communication during the development process is one of the most crucial factors that can decide the fate of your application. So, you need to ask them clearly about how you will communicate with them during the development process. It is no overselling to say that the quality of your product often depends on the communication between you and the developers. So, take the communication part very seriously, and have a communication process with them.

Special Features 

Everyone knows that innovation is the key to success in the twenty-first century, and if you want your application to do well, you need to have some special features that can attract more consumers. If you are going with dedicated app developers, then there is a possibility that they can provide some top-quality special features for your application. So, make sure to ask them about what special features they


So, that was everything that you needed to know about the questions you need to ask an app developer before hiring them, and we are sure that these questions will help you in selecting the perfect candidates for the job. Hiring a good and deserving app developer can solve a lot of problems for you, and it can be cost-effective as well. So, make sure to ask these questions during the time of the interview, and you’ll be able to hire top-of-the-class app developers.

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