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Tips to increase your social media engagement

Social media has taken the throne in the world of marketing. It has become the critical catalyst for the growth of any and every brand. If done the proper manner, the domino effect that ensues can create massive waves of positivity and boost brand awareness along with increasing the conversions to improve the profits of the company.

Promoting a brand through social media is vital to every business. However, it is not the content that is responsible for getting the sales. The key to gaining huge success on social media platforms is engagement. The more followers you have and the more attention you have on your posts, the better the brand image will be. Check out these tips on how to increase IG follower count.

Discuss your topic

When you discuss your topic, not only discuss what is there in your blog or company, discuss the things related to the issues as well. Creating new content and publishing it onto your social feed is the best practice. However, you must make sure that you use the right kind of hashtags so that your post can reach the right type of people.

Buying followers

If you are a new brand or are just starting out, you will not have many followers on Instagram. When a new audience looks at the company’s Instagram profile, seeing a few followers deter them from engaging in the posts. Thus, new accounts need a boost to make their name on social media.
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The growth can be brought by buying Instagram followers. However, make sure that you purchase real and active followers who will engage with your content and not just the fake bots, which will only increase your follower account but will not increase your engagement rate. Here is the updated list of sites to buy followers for your Instagram.

Join the conversation

If you come across a similar topic, join in the conversation by putting your views in the comments section. Engaging with others’ posts shows people that you have information, and this boosts your value in terms of the brand image. People would want to know which is this brand, and this will bring them to your Instagram profile.

Share others content

If someone else has a better answer to a question that has been posted, use the content. Please share the content and give your customers what they need to see. It does not matter whether the information is coming from you or not. If they get the answer to their question, they will be attracted to your brand.

Repost followers and customer posts

It is a wise idea to share posts from other businesses in the same industry. However, you must also share posts from your followers and customers. If you can get a social media influencer to talk about your brand and how they love it, it will act as icing on the cake as people tend to follow whatever influencers do nowadays. If you can get an influencer on your side, there is a high chance you will be able to attract the audiences who follow that specific influencer. This way, you can increase social media engagement by drawing more exposure.

Engage your customers

If there is a comment on your post, always make sure to reply to that. Make your customers feel engaged by giving them direct responses. When you respond to every customer, it makes them feel cared for. You can also use hashtags in your comments so that your customer feels like they are a valued member of your business.

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