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With the world becoming increasingly connected, video conferencing sure has helped but there is still business that needs to be attended to in-person and places that need to be travelled to. Time is precious and sometimes flights can provide a great opportunity to catch up on those emails or finally sit back and reply to the long lost messages of your friends or just update your family on your flying experience and even inform them of any possible delays in your arrival. Either way having access to internet services during a flight is extremely handy. While not all airlines offer free Wi-Fi some do so we’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular airlines that offer free Wi-Fi:

1. JetBlue Airways

Widely used in the US, this budget airline offers free Wi-Fi on all its domestic flights i.e. all flights within the US. To make things even better JetBlue’s internet boasts a speed of 20 Mbps (much faster than the internet provided by most airlines) which allows you to not only use messaging apps but to also stream videos and listen to music! If you think things couldn’t get any better then you’re in for a surprise because you can begin using JetBlue’s Wi-Fi from takeoff to landing. You no longer need to “die of boredom” as you wait for the plane to take off!

It is also worth noting that JetBlue has begun expanding its free Wi-Fi to international flights: their Airbus 320 and A321neo airplanes include Wi-Fi coverage over Central America and the Caribbean while their Airbus321 Long Range airplane offers free Wi-Fi on flights going to and coming from London.

2. Emirates

A Middle Eastern airline and one of the best in the world, Emirates Skywards members can access free Wi-Fi though certain conditions apply.

Class Membership Type Wi-Fi Access
Economy Skywards Gold Wi-Fi for messaging apps
Business Class Skywards Blue, Silver and Gold Wi-Fi for messaging apps
Business Skywards Platinum Free Wi-FI
First Class Skywards Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum Free Wi-FI

Important to note in the case of Free Wi-Fi in the latter two rows of the table is that you must enter your Emirates Skywards membership number at least 24 hours before your flight. This process is fairly easy and can be done by using the Emirates app or using the Emirates website.

Though Emirates’ free services are somewhat restrictive the ability to message your loved ones or even resolve work related issues is likely to satisfy most Emirates customers.
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3. Qantas

This Australian airlines provides free Wi-Fi on domestic flights. However, this could vary depending on which planes of the fleet you’re travelling on. Qantas’s high-speed wifi is available on their B737-800 and A330-200 fleet and allows you to pretty much do all your regular activities online: using social media sites, streaming videos, listening to music, browsing online etc.

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways recently introduced its high-speed “Super Wi-Fi” though it does continue to provide its slower standard Wi-Fi as well. Your access to free Wi-Fi when travelling with Qatar airlines can vary depending on your route and the airplane. If you’re travelling in Business Class you’ll be able to use Super Wi-Fi. Standard Wi-Fi is free for half an hour while Super Wi-Fi is free for an hour. Beyond this if you’d like continuous access to Super Wi-Fi then Qatar has some paid options for you. Also remember you can only connect one device at a time in Qatar airline’s flight.

5. Norwegian Air Shuttle

Like JetBlue this airline is a budget-friendly one that still provides its users with free Wi-Fi from the minute you take off till the time you land. Unlike JetBlue though the free Wi-Fi is slightly slower (making it more suitable for messaging than streaming) and varies according to your flight.
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The good news though is that you can check if your flight will have Wi-Fi two days in advance. Also important to note is this free Wi-Fi is only available on shorter flights within Europe.
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Final Thoughts

Most good quality inflight Wi-Fi will require payment if you’re trying to do video calls or get some serious work done but for the most part basic quick things like chatting and sending emails should be no problem.  With the information above in hand we hope you can choose the best inflight Wi-Fi available for you so you can have an even more enjoyable flying experience.

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