The Yeti Yacht Club and the New NFT Standard for Luxury

“Non-Fungible Token” is the term that’s turned the world upside down. You keep reading about NFTs on the Internet, hear about crypto in almost every conversation you walk into and see them featured in every Twitter profile pic that scrolls down your feed.

The number of companies entering the NFT world every month is outstanding, and today we will introduce one of the most exciting initiatives in this industry. The Yeti Yacht Club is about to radically change the way NFTs and the luxury world co-operate.

Collect NFTs and Jump on a Superyacht


Membership in one of the world’s most elite clubs requires a Yeti NFT. Members of the Yeti Club (which is accessible all year) will get access to unique events. 


Among the highlights of this project, we can mention an all-inclusive voyage to Monaco aboard one of the world’s largest sailing ships, accommodating 600 passengers. 


There may be instances where the Yeti Yacht Club rents out entire private islands. Every year, the team will organize one-of-a-kind meetings for club members to meet and mix with their favorite superstars. 


The team was ecstatic when it explained that the Club Med 2 cruise ship had been leased for a series of special events. The huge staysail schooner that will be utilized for the journey is owned and operated by Club Med. The ship’s first voyage took place in 1992 in the French port of Le Havre.

The Huge Benefits of Working with Sapphire Studios


The Yeti Yacht Club has partnered with Sapphire Studios, creators of the best MMO available in app stores, to create a Yeti Yacht Club MMO and Metaverse. 


Sapphire Studios intends to improve the Play-to-Earn (P2E) experience by rewarding players with valuable items. This operation was completed as rapidly as possible to capitalize on P2E’s rising global impact. 


The rewards consist of assets that can potentially increase in value over time. Sapphire Studios allows players to grow their real-world wealth while having fun with an innovative and adaptable game that integrates classic gaming elements.

Put Your Trust in the Right Team


In today’s NFT sector, establishing a superb team is one of the most critical parts of a successful project. 


Several Yeti Yacht Club members have delivered Ted Talks or are professionals in their industries. As a result, this ensemble is undeniably outstanding. There are also some well-known internet influencers in the group.

A Brave Project in a Crazy Market


Everyone knows about Bored Ape Yacht Club, a massive hit among NFT enthusiasts. Yeti Yacht Club believes the NFT ecosystem will fast outperform even the most successful NFT collections on the market. 


You may discover more by visiting the Yeti Yacht Club’s official website or social media (Twitter, Discord). Check out this unique, limited-time offer before anybody else. Yeti NFTs might become the next important status symbol in the cryptocurrency business.

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