What do you not need to spend money on if you want to save it?

A modern person often has no confidence in his future. For this reason, the decision to collect an airbag in the form of a certain amount of funds will be uniquely rational. At the same time, the possibility of accumulating funds depends not only on our income but also on our habits. Often, even people in high-paying positions meet crises with panic, since they do not have the minimum amount to successfully pass the black line. This state of affairs can lead to large expenses that are not justified. A few simple tips on what to spend your own money on and which purchases are best to refuse will help solve the problem.

Dear wedding

Marriage should amaze loved ones. This point of view has been held for many decades, and many believe in the same way today. At the same time, even celebrities prefer more modest weddings, in which only a small number of close relatives or friends participate. A modest wedding will allow you to receive the necessary amount to spend your honeymoon. As practice shows, families that have preferred a speedy marriage preserve their marriage for a longer period.

At the same time, common sense helps in choosing the scale of the wedding. Be sure to calculate the costs that will have to be incurred if you organize a full-fledged expensive wedding. It is necessary to compare the cost item with your income and the number of funds that you managed to postpone during the previous preparatory period. Perhaps, having saved on the wedding, it will be possible to complete the repair or find the missing amount to buy a family car.

Expensive and popular resorts

For a person today, a trip to a resort looks commonplace. Allocating just a few days or a couple of weeks for a vacation abroad, you can get a lot of vivid impressions, as well as relax. At the same time, many do not think about how much such a trip will cost their family budget. They estimate only the cost of the tour, which in the case of most popular destinations remains quite democratic. But in fact, you need to multiply it by 2, and sometimes by 4, to get the exact cost of the tour. When choosing a vacation spot, it is recommended to pay attention to personal needs, and only then the promotion of the resort, which does not at all guarantee a quality rest.

Even at a resort, you can earn money if you approach this issue responsibly. Enjoy slots at parimatch, which offers only the best slots from trusted developer studios. The most current gambling entertainment will help you keep your travel budget and earn more money to buy gifts and souvenirs.

Home exercise equipment and sports equipment

Among the things that it is better to refuse to buy, we can single out sports equipment. An alternative, which will not only save free space in the apartment but also reduce the cost of purchasing a simulator, is a gym membership. You can buy a pass to the gym for just a month, which will be an additional plus, allowing you to check your motivation. Often, people who want to play sports have enough fuse for just a couple of trips to the gym. Not recommended for buying into an apartment:

  • treadmill;
  • rowing machine;
  • orbitrek.

Parks are great for running, while rowing is best spent on a weekend visit to one of the nearby rivers.

New car

Buying a car remains one of the brightest moments in the life of any person. For this reason, it is not surprising that many experts do not recommend visiting official dealerships for this purpose, where car prices will be maximum.
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It is better to make such a purchase when the old car can no longer cope with the basic needs of its owners. Remember that a new car loses at least 10 percent of its price already at the moment when the car leaves the salon for the first time. Over the next year of its operation, the initial cost will drop by another 30 percent. If you decide to unexpectedly sell a car 2 years after you buy it, you may find that you can get only 60 percent of the price paid for it only 24 months ago.

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