Why Asset-Based Lending Is Right For You

Sometimes in life, we would need the help of other people to get through our struggles or get ahead in life. Thankfully, debt financing can aid us in our times of need.

Debt financing comes in many forms, and asset based lending is one of them. Generally speaking, an asset-based loan puts your properties, inventory, and receivables as collateral for the money you will borrow.
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The most common type of asset based lending is the mortgage.
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Financing companies can assess your real estate or investment properties for the money you wish to lend. This particular type of lending doesn’t look at your salary or employment history but only at your credit score and your tangible assets.

An asset-based loan might risk losing the valuable assets you put as collateral, but there are plenty of advantages to this type of lending over conventional loans like term loans from banks. This article will explain why taking the risk is okay by enumerating the benefits of applying to one.

Quick and Easy Approvals

Asset-based lending requires less proof of documents and underwriting than business lines of credit and unsecured loans. The main requirement that the lender looks at is your leverageable assets. In the eyes of debt financiers, the collateral they have agreed to and your credit line create a security lock for them.

However, if you or your business fails to pay the lender their money back, they can take hold of the collateral. Eventually, you can liquidate or sell your assets to return investment or capital. So make sure that it won’t happen to you. Nevertheless, asset based lending offers faster closing time and fewer underwritten guidelines.

Makes Good Use of Your Assets

If you or your business has already accumulated a lot of valuable assets, you can put them in a loan to fund your plans. Putting your assets into collateral and maintaining a good credit line can help get more working money capital in return. Lenders can also assess the investments in your leased equipment, inventory, and properties to expand your business further.

Few Restrictions

You can use the lent money anywhere for your business. The financing company will determine a few to no restrictions on how you can spend the cash. If you invest it correctly, your funding can even grow more together with the value of your assets.

Lower Costs

Asset-based loans use the annual percentage rate (APR), the generated yearly interest. This percentage reflects the annual cost of a loan’s term or on an investment’s income, including all the required fees and additional payments. This APR can also be compared among different lending, credit, and investment service providers to determine if you choose the right company.
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Most asset-based lending programs cost less than other alternatives like factoring lines. For example, you pay less for APR than on factoring, wherein the total value of an invoice is discounted in a percentage.

Your Go-To Alternative

Asset-based financing is most helpful if you have a foul credit line or a foreclosure. Traditional banks and institutions are strict, and you might have trouble getting a loan from them.

An asset-based lending program is a particular type of bridge loan that assures you to get your hands on your needed cash fast and easily. Repaying your loan in 12-24 months enables you to purchase more property and efficiently use your real estate investments.

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