Why Mangalsutra is the Most Popular Gold Ornament in India?

You might have seen ladies wearing a Mangalsutra as a long-hanging necklace. Well, it’s the symbol of marriage and is to be worn by every Married woman. The Cultural Significance of the Mangalsutra is pretty high in India and all of the states. The Gold Mangalsutra is a revered piece of traditional gold jewellery, as well as a cultural symbol. Many interesting designs are available in Gold Mangalsutra, but people always prefer the traditional gold jewellery designs that no one can replace.

Wearing a Gold Mangalsutra is a dream of many girls in India, and it’s one of the essential pieces of gold ornament in India. Well, if you are interested in knowing about GOld Mangalsutra, then you are at the right place.
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In this post, we will share detailed information about the Significance of the Gold Mangalsutra in Indian culture. Bear with us, and you’ll get to know everything about the same.

Cultural Significance of Gold Mangalsutra

Gold Mangalsutra is a symbol of the Marital status of a woman. After marrying, the ritual is completed where the groom ties the Mangalsutra.
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The Mangalsutra signifies that the Marriage has been completed. From the day of marriage, the woman has to wear the Gold Mangalsutra all day around as a vow to commit to this marriage. The mangalsutra has a unique design and cannot be replaced by any other latest gold mangalsutra designs.

The gold mangalsutra is made with black beads, gold beads and the two pendants in the middle, representing the bride and the groom. This is the fundamental design, which you can customize by taking care of not replacing any of the said elements of the same. Every married woman has to wear the Mangalsutra as it’s not a negotiable contract between the Bride and Groom.

Religious Significance

According to the Mythological stories, Hindu Religion provides great importance to the Mangalsutra. The name, Mangalsutra means the thread of auspiciousness. The middle pendants are the main part of Mangalsutra. After wearing the Mangalsutra, the planet of auspiciousness, i.e., Mangal or Mars, bestows the Bride and groom with immense happiness, and nothing wrong can happen with them. For auspiciousness, the Mangalsutra made with gold and black beads is worn.

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Final Words

Wearing the latest gold jewellery is the dream of every lady. But nothing can match the elegance and auspiciousness of the gold mangalsutra. It’s the symbol of eternal love and commitment in the marriage from Bride and groom together.
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The Groom takes on the responsibilities and duties while the bride vows to commit to the relationship forever. It’s the symbol of marital status, love and the eternal bond between the bride and groom. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information on the Significance of wearing a Gold Mangalsutra. If you think you have something more to add, please feel free to comment.

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